Sensible helps you run product-led growth at scale.

The way you sell software is changing. Two decades ago, salespeople sold software over steak dinners and fancy conference booths. They knew everything that had happened and needed to happen in the sales process.

But today, it's a vastly different landscape. Customers increasingly expect self-served sign-up, free trials, and to speak with a salesperson only if they need or wish to. This consumerization of b2b sales has led to a wealth of channels to interact with your customers on; Your ads, website, web app, iOS/Android app, support tools, marketing tools, and CRM  all store data about your customers, and your teams must work hard to keep up with each of them to transform raw data into insights to avoid acting on pure gut feelings.

But, keeping up with all these tools is hard when you open the gates and let everyone sign up. Suddenly no-one in your organisation has the golden overview and the customer journey is fractured across different apps, teams, and contexts with different data, segmentation, and actions. 

Sensible is here to help. Is not just another CRM. It’s a system of inteligence that helps you move from raw data, to insights, actions, and ultimately improving your KPIs.  

The Sensible Way

A new data model

Existing tools are disconnected from the data about what users are doing in your product. But it's not about just hydrating existing tools with product data. We need to fundamentally rethink the data model to make it suitable for large amounts of information about your customers.

No code required

Engineers can build software without help from business people. But business people can't sell software without help from engineers. A "No Code" approach means allowing business people to perform do advanced things with just a few clicks.

Figma for data

We are not creating a blank canvas for everything to be done. But just like Figma opened the design process up for non-designers, we are creating an open and collaborative space to explore your customers and find the right priorities together.

Automatic & connected

The ability to create signals about your users and let Sensible detect when things change is powerful. But when Sensible interacts with your other tools, it dramatically changes the way you work.