Sensible is

The Spreadsheet for your Customers

Sensible is a customer intelligence platform that imports data from all your tools and lets you prioritize the ideal next action for your customers.

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Why Sensible?

Getting a 360-view of Your Customers is Hard

Sales, Product, Customer Success, & Marketing teams are in charge of each their part of the customer’s journey, but lack the data and tools to take decisions without engineering favors required.

Customer journeys
are fractured
An increasing number of channels & tools to interact with leads, users & customers makes it hard for your teams to gain a full 360-view - each tools is a new "source of truth".

Prioritizing is difficult
With an overwhelming amount of data points spread across systems it becomes difficult to calculate scores & prioritize efforts correctly.

No "system-of-action"
Existing tools are great "system of records" – like a file cabinet. But your teams lack a "system-of-action" to tell when & what the next best action is.

How it works

A New Way
of Doing Things

Instead of each team working in each their tool, we think there is a better way. That's why we've created a platform for you and your team to collaborate on figuring out who to talk to, when, & how. No code or engineering favors required.


Extract data from your existing platforms.


Built-in transformers for cleaning & elevating your data.


Create dynamic user lists for every segment.


Put your ideal next action on auto-pilot.


Transform, clean up, & conform

Collaborate on transforming your raw data to making sense for your business teams. Sensible comes with built-in transformers to rename, group, merge data & calculate new metrics.


Your next best action
is on auto-pilot 

Let Sensible do the heavy lifting by creating automation rules. Interact with your data or execute commands in your other tools to make sure the ideal next action is performed.


Dynamic lists for all your segments

Creatively query through your data and create dynamically updated lists for every segment important to you. Think of it as an interactive spreadsheet powered by your customer data.


Extract data from your existing platforms

Sensible comes with plug-and-play integrations to connect to your existing tools. No engineering favors required to get started. Once you've set things up data will continuously sync to Sensible.

Accelerate your
Product-led journey
with Sensible