The Sensible Manifest

Why we started Sensible

Does this sound familiar? Your sales team is working on a lead, unknowing that the product-growth team is also sending them an automated email because they signed up – all while the marketing team is following up with them because they attended a free webinar.

Why is this happening?

The way you sell software is changing. Two decades ago, salespeople sold software over steak dinners and fancy conference booths. They knew everything that had happened and needed to happen in the sales process. Companies like Salesforce emerged as a digital Rolodex and more or less invented what we know as the modern CRM and became a $200B+ behemoth.

But today, it's a vastly different landscape. Enterprise customers increasingly expect self-served sign-up, free trials, and to speak with a salesperson only if they need or wish to. This is what we call "the consumerization of the enterprise," and it has led to a wealth of channels to interact with your customers on: Your ads, website, web app, iOS/Android app, support tools, marketing tools, and email. They all store data about your customers, and your teams must work hard to keep up with each of them to base their actions on insights instead of gut feelings.

The stack is not built for this

Keeping up with all these tools might be reasonable when you have just ten customers to follow around, but when hundreds of users are added to your pipeline every day, it becomes a nightmare. The customer journey is fractured across different apps, teams, and contexts with different data, segmentation, and actions.

But some companies are winning at this. Dropbox, Zoom, Slack, Invision, Asana, Figma, and many more wildly successful companies were started or have successfully transitioned into a Product-Led Strategy. It means using your product as the primary vehicle to acquire, activate, and retain customers. There are no whitepapers to read, no lengthy sales conversations. It's just seeing and using the product to understand its value. These companies deeply understand their customer journey, orchestrate bottom-up flywheels and analyze product usage patterns to apply sales pressure only when it makes the most sense. But they, too, had to hack systems and create proprietary tools to pull this off successfully. Because the stack at our disposal today just wasn't built with a Product-Led strategy in mind.

With Sensible, we set out to fix this by developing a new breed of tool specifically designed from the ground up to power Product-Led companies with the foundation to move fast and take clever decisions based on data... And we can't wait for you to try it.